• acmella oleracea

    natural alternative to botox, it relaxes
    muscle tension and helps to lift and smooth the appearance
    of fine lines and expressions lines.

  • niacinamide

    strengthens the skin's barrier function, regulates sebum production, and reduces hyperpigmentation for a more even skin tone

  • xantagosil c

    promotes lipolysis, helps flush out stored fat

  • horse chestnut

    help restore vitality to nutrient-depleted skin

  • marine collagen

    helps increase blood circulation and regenerate skin cells which help reduce the signs of premature aging 

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  • v-shaping & uplifting

  • burn fat

  • anti-wrinkle and firming

  • brightening

  • eye depuffer

  • accentuate lip contour

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  • Daily Regiment for the perfect v-shape

    Gently squeeze out the appropriate amount and apply evenly around the desired facial areas, especially around the cheekbones, chin and under the eyes.

    Massage through the roller ball in circular motion for optimal absorption.

how do I optimize it?

We recommend applying slimming gel every morning and night or minimum twice (2) daily for best results. (Feel free to apply more daily for faster result)

Apply Shapelyne Firming Serum before applying your other facial skin care serum or facial moisturizing cream