• gold contouring™ blend

    accelerates microcirculation and stimulates the metabolism of subcutaneous fat and fatty acid

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  • pure 24K gold

    reduces cellulite, brightens and protects the skin from sun damage & reduce the signs of premature aging 

  • sodium hyaluronate

    delivers excellent hydration and reducing the appearance of fine lines, stretch marks and wrinkles

  • marine collagen

    helps increase blood circulation and regenerate skin cells which help reduce the signs of premature aging 

  • aloe barbadensis leaf extract

    helps keep skin soft, smooth and healthy looking

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  • burn fat

  • slimming

  • anti-cellulite and firming

  • brightening

  • hydrating

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  • abdomen & waist

    roll and massage around the abdomen to the waist area

  • inner thigh

    roll and massage from the knee to the upper thigh area

  • arms

    roll and massage from elbow to just before armpit area

  • calf

    roll and massage from the ankle to the lower knee area

  • chin

    roll and massage from neck to chin area

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how do I optimize it?

use every morning and night. For best results use it as part of your daily skincare regimen.

roll on desired areas for about 10-15 seconds per area. For double chin area you only need around 5-8 seconds.